"There is a stirring intimacy to these performances that holds you in their grasp."

Stomp and Stammer

Genre: Indie Folk Pop, Etc.

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Based In: East Nashville, TN

Influences: Chopin, Mozart, Radiohead, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Howling Wolf

Short Bio 

Kristen Englenz paints musical stories of heartache and yearning with a soulful sensibility both intimately aching and defiant with hope. A multi-instrumentalist classically trained in piano with a voice virtuosic and vulnerable, her music is fragrant with folksy roots infused with an indie vibe.


Roots music journal No Depression called Englenz’s music “stream of consciousness Beat poetry imbued with good-down-home Southern sensibility.” And Stomp and Stammer said, "There is a stirring intimacy to these performances that holds you in their grasp."

Englenz attributes her melodies to be partially inspired by the natural world. Her interest in environmental activism is shared in her popular web series “Caterwauling with Kristen” where she mimics birdcalls and teaches about avian species.

“I don't know why a certain chord progression makes us want to cry or to laugh,” says Englenz. “If we figured that out, we would probably understand birds and nature much better!”




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Saturn 5 Records

Wendy Hawke



Unleashed Music

Geordie Gillespie geordie@unleashedmusic.com




NOLA County, April 2020

Creative Loafing, Mar 2020

Stomp and Stammer, Mar 2020

The East Nashvillian, Feb 2020

Dust of Daylight, Feb 2020

ET2G, Feb 2020

Creative Loafing, Feb 2020


Sound Bites, Feb 2020

Immersive Atlanta, Jan 2020

Americana Highways
, Dec 2019

Paste, Nov 2019

Sound Bites, Nov 2019

Dust of Daylight, Oct 2019

Dust of Daylight, Oct 2019

Immersive Atlanta, Oct 2019 

Someday Matinee WFMU, Oct 2019

Immersive Atlanta

No Depression,

Stomp & Stammer

Voyage ATL

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